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Wi-SUN (Wireless Smart Utility Network) radio equipments have been adopted in smart meters and HEMS controllers in Japan and are in the practical stage. In the future, further development is expected as a means of communication for realizing smart cities and smart grids in Japan and overseas. TELEC provides the testing services necessary for the Wi-SUN radio equipment to acquire Wi-SUN certification issued by Wi-SUN Alliance.

About Wi-SUN

Information and communications equipments that use radio waves, such as mobile phones, have become a familiar existence in our daily lives. Recently, wireless sensors have been embedded into car, home appliance, agricultural machinery, plant equipment, robot, etc., and IoT communications, which automatically exchanges information between things, has become common.
Under such circumstances, the introduction of smart meters, which incorporate small, long-life wireless equipments in various meters such as electric energy meters and gas meters, is going forward in Japan. Wi-SUN HAN (Home Area Network) is a wireless communication standard adopted for networking such high-performance smart meters. Wi-SUN HAN is also used for wireless communication between a Home Energy Management System (HEMS) controller and smart home appliances.
Wi-SUN FAN (Field Area Network) also makes the realization of smart cities and smart grids feasible by forming a large-scale mesh network outdoors. It can be applied to various applications such as smart meters, smart streetlights, parking management, and traffic management, etc.

Wi-SUN is a radio communication standard, based on global standard IEEE 802.15.4g/4e and IPv6, which is led by National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) with propelling research, development, and standardization. The Wi-SUN Alliance, an international industry organization, is promoting standardization and dissemination of specific applications.

Figure Wi-SUN HAN (Home Area Network)

Figure Wi-SUN FAN (Field Area Network)

About Wi-SUN Certification

About Wi-SUN Certification

Wi-SUN certification is issued by Wi-SUN Alliance based on test results of an accredited laboratory, which is approved by Wi-SUN Alliance as having the required testing ability, and use of the logo mark of the alliance is authorized by Wi-SUN once the certification is obtained.

Figure Flow to acquire Wi-SUN certification

Wi-SUN Alliance Certification Test

As for Wi-SUN Alliance certification testing, we conduct two types of tests: the Conformance Test for verifying conformance to standards and the Interoperability Test to Wi-SUN radio equipment Certified Test Bed Unit (CTBU), which is the reference standard approved by Wi-SUN Alliance.
The test is divided further as shown in the table below.

PHY Layer Testing
Program Frequency Test
PHY for HAN Profile JP (920-928MHz) Conformance Test
Interoperability Test
PHY for FAN 1.0 Profile NA/BZ (902-928MHz)
EU1 (863-870MHz), EU2(870-876MHz),
IN (865-867MHz), SG1 (866-869MHz)
PHY for FAN 1.1 Profile NA/BZ (902-928MHz)
JP (920-928MHz)
EU1 (863-870MHz), EU2 (870-876MHz), EU3 (863-876MHz), IN (865-868MHz), SG1 (866-869MHz)
PHY for JUTA Profile JP (920-928MHz)

Technical Profile Layer Testing
Program Frequency Test
HAN Route B JP (920-928MHz) MAC Conformance Test
HAN IF Conformance Test
HAN IF Interoperability Test
Enhanced HAN
FAN 1.0 Border Router and Router
NA/BZ (902-928MHz)
NA, MX, BZ, AZ/NZ, PH, KR, MY, CN, HK, SG2, TH, VN (902-928MHz)
Conformance Test
JUTA JP (920-928MHz) MAC Conformance Test
MAC Interoperability Test

Testing and Certification of ECHONET Lite

ECHONET Lite is the communication protocol standardized by ECHONET CONSORTIUM to establish connections between HEMS (Home Energy Management System) controllers and some electrical equipment in houses.
TELEC has been authorized by the ECHONET CONSORTIUM as Testing Body and Certification Body for ECHONET Lite and has been providing testing and certification services based on ECHONET Lite Standards.
TELEC may accept self-testing results submitted by applicants for certification generally. However, just in case of SMA (Smart Meter Application) Certification, the test must be conducted by the authorized Testing Body according to the regulation of ECHONET CONSORTIUM, and TELEC will provide the test for it.

Testing and Certification of ECHONET Lite AIF

ECHONET Lite AIF (Application Communication Interface) is the interface specification standardized by ECHONET CONSORTIUM for HEMS (Home Energy Management System) controller and other PRINCIPAL APPARATUSES which works together as HAN (Home Area Networks) on the bases of ECHONET Lite Standards.
TELEC has been authorized by the ECHONET CONSORTIUM as Testing Body and Certification Body for ECHONET Lite AIF and has been providing testing and certification services based on ECHONET Lite AIF Specification.

- Low-Voltage Smart Electric Energy Meters
- High-Voltage Smart Electric Energy Meters
- Home Air Conditioners
- Lightings
- Fuel Cells
- Instantaneous Water Heaters
- Household Solar Power Generations
- Heat Pump Water Heaters
- Storage Batteries
- Electric Vehicle Chargers/Dischargers
- Electric Vehicle Chargers/Dischargers, Electric Vehicle Chargers
- Commercial-use package air conditioner
- Refrigerated display cases
- Lighting system
- Expansion Lighting system
- HEMS controllers

Inquires information

TELEC will provide applicants assistance for their application and also preliminary testing service prior to actual testing or certification procedures to get for Wi-SUN Alliance Certification, ECHONET Lite Certification or ECHONET Lite AIF Certification. Applicants may apply “Technical Regulations Conformity Certification” regulated by the Radio Act and “Technical Standards Conformity Approval” regulated by the Telecommunications Business Act, which are occasionally essential to permeate the telecommunication equipment in the Japanese market, to TELEC in conjunction with the application for Wi-SUN Alliance Certification/Testing, ECHONET Lite Certification/Testing or ECHONET Lite AIF Certification/Testing.
If you are considering obtaining Wi-SUN Alliance Certification, ECHONET Lite Certification or ECHONET Lite AIF Certification, please be sure to inquire at the contact address below.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require advice or assistance.