BusinessRadio equipment classifications and technical standards

The following list shows some examples of radio equipment classifications. You can see the technical standard by clicking the classification name. (The detailed regulations and applicable conditions are exempted from the description.)

  1. Specified low-power radio equipment
    1. Telemeter/Telecontrol/Data transmission Radio Equipment
      315MHz band
      400MHz band
      920MHz band
      1200MHz band
    2. Medical telemeter radio equipment
    3. Data transmission for self-contained medical instruments
    4. Data transmission used for international transportation
    5. Radio pager
    6. Radio microphone
    7. Radio microphone for hearing aid
    8. Radiotelephone
    9. Voice assist radiotelephone (radiotelephone as landmark)
    10. Radio equipment used for identification of moving objects
      920MHz band
      2,400MHz band
    11. Millimeter wave radar
      60.5GHz band
      76.5GHz band

      79GHz band
    12. Detection sensor of moving objects
      10.525GHz band
      24.15GHz band
      60GHz band
    13. Human and Animal detection Report System

  2. 2.4 GHz band wide-band low-power data communication system
  3. 2.4 GHz band low-power data communication system
  4. 5 GHz band low-power data communication system

To see any technical regulation other than those above, please refer to the following descriptions written in Japanese.