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Information for trading companies and manufacturers that sell and export electronic equipment to EU countries

TELEC is a notified body based on the R&TTE directive.

CE marking conformity is required to sell electric and electronic equipment within the EU. Please be sure to leave the job to TELEC.
* TELEC’s notified body number is 1780.

About CE marking

CE marking
CE marking was introduced as part of EU law to ensure the free movement of persons, goods and money within the EU. Products affixed with CE marking can move and be sold freely in the EU. Conformity to the following directives based on EN standards is an essential requirement to have CE marking affixed.


Verification testing of CE marking conformity

When exporting electric and electronic equipment to the EU, CE marking conformity is required as a passport for entering the EU. For CE marking conformity, target directives differ depending on the equipment. Almost all electric and electronic equipments fall under EMC directive. Within electronic equipment, radio equipment falls under R&TTE directive.

TELEC conducts verification testing of CE marking conformity that meets the EMC directive and R&TTE directive requirements.

CE marking declaration of conformity support

TELEC is an R&TTE directive notified body (NB) concerning radio equipment for the EU. At the time of your CE marking declaration, we issue an opinion and evaluation of technical materials from the position of a radio equipment expert. Please do not hesitate to ask us for advice concerning various radio equipment, information technology equipment (ITE) and the like.

About Notified Body

A notified body (NB) is a body notified by a designating authority and approved to conduct conformity assessment concerning directives and standards applied to products as a third-party evaluation.
An organization recognized as a conformity assessment body (CAB) based on an MRA (Mutual Recognition Agreement) between Japan and the EU is approved as a NB within the EU.
Depending on the product group, there are also goods that must be certified by a notified body.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require advice or assistance.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require advice or assistance.