BusinessRadio Equipment Conformity Certification Service


Specified radio equipment such as cellular phone, wireless LAN and business purpose radio used in Japan is required to conform to the technical standards regulated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications ( MIC) of Japan.
As the registered certification body, TELEC engages in the radio equipment conformity certification service for all kinds of the specified radio equipment. The number "001" as a registered body ID is put to each of radio equipment certified by TELEC.
TELEC provides excellent and professional service in a neutral and fair manner for the customers.

Certification method

Radio equipment conformity certification is to certify that specified radio equipment conforms to the technical standards under the Radio Act of Japan.

Specified radio equipment means the radio equipment used for small-scale radio station specified in the Ordinance of Technical Regulations Conformity Certification of Specified Radio Equipment. You can see the details on the MIC website or TELEC website.

There are two kinds of certification methods;

Test certification or technical regulations conformity certification in Radio Act is to certify conformity by testing each unit of submitted radio equipment and therefore the certificate is issued for each unit.

Type certification or construction type certification in Radio Act is to certify conformity by examining submitted documents which include the documents describing the matters related to the method to confirm that all products manufactured under the application meet the construction type, and testing a sample unit of radio equipment manufactured under the same type and the same manufacturing procedures. The certificate is issued for the "type" of radio equipment. Therefore, when you have changed the design or the manufacturing methods, you need to apply for the certification with new type.

Certification method