BusinessCustomer Support Service

It is required to make application documents in accordance with the Radio Act. TELEC provides application assistance service. On behalf of you, professional staffs make out documents required for the application of your products. This service will especially be useful for customers who are not familiar with the application work for radio equipment. This service excludes application itself and examination of equipment etc.

Categories of consulting service

TELEC covers the following categories of the application assistance services to be selected by customers.

  1. Creation of documents for Test Certification (including attached documents)
  2. Creation of documents for Type Certification (including attached documents, but excluding 3. below)
  3. Creation of Statement of Verification Method


Contact the address below.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require advice or assistance.

We may require time for replying to your inquiry by email depending on circumstances.
Inquiries by free mail address may be recognized as spam mails by mail server. In such cases, we will be unable to receive your inquiry.

Relevant particulars

  1. Information from customer
    You are kindly requested to submit information and documents that are required to complete application documents. We can accept documents written in Japanese or English.
  2. Confidentiality of information
    TELEC promises the secrecy according to its bylaw; never leaks any secret acquired through the application assistance service to the other and never uses it for the other purpose.