Message from the President of TELEC

In wide-ranging fields from familiar daily life to global socio-economic activities, the spread of radio and telecommunications equipment is increasingly advancing. As well as expansion of Smart Phones, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices and many kinds of communication systems for business, now M2M (Machine to Machine) type communications, which go unnoticed by us, are rapidly expanding in various fields by evolution of IoT (Internet of Things). In this era, the importance of standards certification systems and measuring instrument calibration systems for preventing radio interference, guaranteeing telecommunications equipment safety and reliability, and harmonizing connectivity of terminal equipment to networks is increasing more and more.

TELEC is a public corporation that aims to play a role in these systems by conducting measuring instrument calibration operations and testing and certification operations concerning radio equipment, terminal equipment and equipment utilizing high frequency current etc. Since its establishment in 1978, TELEC has been carrying out testing and certification operations as well as related public operations over a long period of around 40 years in total bearing the following basic philosophy in mind.

・We provide both stable and highly reliable services that are underpinned by testing and results accumulated over many years.

・We contribute to the creation of Japanese regulations and provide high quality services based on knowledge and technical capabilities obtained through development of detailed testing methods it carries out and all sorts of research and development.

・We provide services that are fair and neutral as well as reasonable for a public corporation.

Recently in line with the expansion and diversification of our fields of operation, we are also stepping up our commitment to the following areas:

・Provision of prompt services that flexibly respond to your needs.

・Provision of comprehensive one-stop services through the Radio Act and the Telecommunications Business Act.

・Provision of new services such as Wi-SUN certification testing as well as improvements and expansion of electromagnetic environment testing and so on.

・Implementation of testing and conformance assessment corresponding to overseas standards and a range of consultations.

・Improvement of consultation services, which even new client's will feel at ease to use.

In relation to public awareness activities and international cooperation concerning radio and telecommunications technology, which we are executing as our public corporation responsibility, now we are continuously conducting improvements as part of TELEC's duties.

In the future, we also strive to enhance our personnel and facilities further by listening sincerely to your voices to carry out detailed services; we hope to do what we can to contribute to the development of Japan's radio and telecommunications field. We thank you for your support.

Telecom Engineering Center